Might I be so bold as to suggest an effective cure for all the cases of mindless arson we see in our county - and, indeed, one or two other counties as well?

I am thinking of heathland fires, which are so destructive of various iconic species and the burning/vandalising of nature reserve hides in particular.

In my schooldays, I witnessed the severe bullying of anyone interested in nature, and the perpetrators always seemed to be those whose life revolved around watching twenty-two grown men kick a bladder of air around a field.

Recently, mention was made on Facebook of the bullying children still get for liking nature, and we obviously need to do something to redress this utterly deplorable state of affairs.

I would suggest that the next time any such ecological outrage occurs, all football grounds are closed for a period of one year from the date of the crime, and during such a ban, it would become illegal to have a football with you in any place to which the public have access.

Monika Fisher

Chickerell Road, Weymouth