As a Sergeant Major (Warrant Officer) in HM Army I feel that it is only right to extend my appreciation to the teams at ICU/critical care and Abbotsbury wards of the Dorset County Hospital.

I expect this level of treatment to be extended to combat veterans and was pleased, to say the least, that this level of care is extended to civilians in the UK.

My brother-in-law is being treated at the Dorset County Hospital.

He is being looked after in a way that few other health services from other countries could manage.

He is seriously ill and afforded the best of care by the professional staff at this NHS facility.

The team at the hospital have been superb in the treatment of my brother-in-law and his fellow patients and in the support to his and their families.

Please print this to show how hard the NHS work, not just during the Covid-19 period. This is a commendation to all at the hospital.

WO2 (CSM) Brian Morris and Gillian Morris