FIREFIGHTERS were called to stop an out of control bonfire from spreading to houses.

Crews from Weymouth and Dorchester were called to a property on Whitfield Road in Dorchester at 6.14pm yesterday evening after a bonfire got out of control and started spreading across the property's garden, lighting trees on fire and affecting nearby houses.

The garden was destroyed as a result of the blaze.

The fire service is urging people to not have bonfires and to take extra care while the weather continues to remain so dry.

A spokesman for Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "We were called to Whitfield Road, Dorchester at 6.14pm last night after a bonfire got out of control.

"Two crews attended, from Dorchester and Weymouth, and two hose reel jets and a main jet were used to extinguish the fire, which destroyed the garden and damaged the gable end of the adjacent property. The stop was at 6.55pm."

Yesterday, a spokesman for Dorchester Fire Station said: "Earlier this evening crews from Dorchester and Weymouth responded to reports of trees on fire which was starting to affect houses. The fire was extinguished using two hose reel jets.

"The fire was caused by a bonfire which got out of control spreading across the garden. As this shows a small fire in the current conditions can easily get out of hand."