Last Thursday was Earth Overshoot Day.

It marks the date each year when humanity has used up more natural resources than our planet can regenerate.

For the next five months every resource we extract is being borrowed from future generations. In 1971, Earth Overshoot Day was 21st December, which means we used up the resources 10 days more quickly than they were able to be regenerated. Now, this has increased to 156 days.

We are on a slippery slope to oblivion, and each day that slope gets evermore steep!

Our government is in turmoil and the two leader candidates show no signs of recognising the urgency of climate change, while Dorset Council glibly declare a “Climate Emergency” hoping that it will all go away, and when it doesn’t and they hurl abuse at those who try to highlight the issues and hold councillors to account.

No wonder our younger generation views the future with despair.

Robin Wilkinson