A MAN dressed as Big Bird set off a firework inside a property whilst on his stag do.

The bizarre incident has come to light as part of a Freedom of Information disclosure from Dorset Police listing all calls relating to stag-dos or hen parties.

Dorset Police disclosed details of 25 reported incidents since January 1 2021 including the firework fiasco.

Officers were called last November after a man on a stag party had set off a firework inside a Weymouth property.

The man had been asked to “turn out his pockets” – only for that to prove problematic given he was dressed as the gigantic Sesame Street character.

Police noted the incident as follows: “Firework let off inside - he is on his stag do. Has turned out his pockets - however is dressed as Big Bird. Info from door there has been a stag party in most afternoon.”

Many of the incidents recorded by Dorset Police were from members of stag dos or hen parties wishing to report concerns.

They included a suicidal male, assaults, suspected spiking incidents, and a couple of apologies for accidentally ringing 999.

The ‘Big Bird’ incident was one of three that were recorded as taking place in Weymouth; two of which were assaults on stag-goers.

There was one further call relating to an incident in Wareham when a member of a hen party rang up concerned about a male; the caller had been drinking so when was unable to go and get them.

Matt Mavir, managing director at Last Night of Freedom - a company that organises stag and hen dos - said: “One a month is a drop in the ocean when you consider how many incidents Dorset Police deal with on any given weekend.

“Of those incidents, many were either incredibly trivial – such as drinking on the pavement – or involved suspected breaches of Covid laws which no longer even exist.

“In many cases stags and hens were the victims of crime, or their concerned friends contacted the police as they had gone missing, or they were worried about their mental health. In some instances, police logged it because a stag called them to apologise for pocket dialling 999.

The Freedom of Information request was submitted by Last Night of Freedom  - for more information visit https://www.lastnightoffreedom.co.uk/about-us/lnof-news/.