A CUSTOM-made car with a difference has been chosen to head a national exhibition.

Jon and June Munden of Hardy Avenue, Weymouth, say they are delighted their 1961 Volvo Amazon called Rainbow Chaser has been chosen to appear at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu.

The year-long exhibition is called The Art of Custom and the car will replace a McLaren F1 in the museum foyer owned by Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason.

Mr Munden, 39, said: "My wife bought Rainbow Chaser on eBay as a 10th wedding anniversary present.

"I would never have believed my car would one day be exhibited in a national museum.

"I'm delighted - you don't get someone asking you to have your car in a show like this every day.

"I can't wait."

The show starts on March 17. During this time the car will be insured for £30,000.

It was bought by the couple for about £3,000.

Mr Munden said: "When we collected the car it was found to be in a very poor state, having being left outside for some time.

"As a lifelong enthusiast I began the restoration, fitting a new engine, new chrome work, new roof and giving it a repaint."

The Mundens say they have owned more than 100 American and British classic cars over the last 20 years.

But they say Rainbow Chaser is special.

It was originally customised by Poole custom car builder Andy Saunders to emulate a late 1950s American custom car.

"The car is quite something," Mr Munden said.

"In 2001 it was entered for the Turner Prize as a metalwork sculpture.

"It is one of the very first cars of its type in the country to be customised in this way and uses parts from Cadillac, Ford, Citroen, Vauxhall and Sunbeam to name a few.

"We go to shows and people recognise the car instantly, and I have 40 magazines the car has been featured in worldwide."

The car will stay in Beaulieu until March 2009.