As we brace for winter amidst a cost of living crisis and the soaring cost of energy bills, tips and tricks can be found everywhere on what appliances to stop using, which to utilise and how much each minute of usage costs.

And as we enter the colder months, many people will be looking for cheap and efficient ways to heat their homes.

If you’re hesitating to pull out your trusty electric blanket, we’ve broken down just how much it costs for you to run.

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How much is an electric blanket to run?

According to MoneySaving Expert, a single electric blanket that is plugged into the mains will cost 3p per hour. Over a week, assuming 7 hour usage per day, this will total £1.47.

Experts at Sleepseekers have made the same calculation, noting that each electric blanket will have a different power rating, so you’ll need to calculate the overall cost depending on the rating on your blanket’s label.

How to work out how much your electric blanket is to run?

Sleepseekers provides a great example of how you can work out exactly what your electric blanket will cost to run.

It says: “First, you need to convert to kW. 100W is 0.1kW (or 100 divided by 1000). Then you simply need to multiply this by the pence/kWh unit.

“This would be: 0.1*0.29 = £0.029 - this would get rounded up to £0.03”

There is another projected rise expected in October, so these calculations may change slightly.

How to reduce the cost of running an electric blanket?

There are a few things you can do to reduce excess costs when using your electric blanket.

Sleepseekers says: “Turn off your heating or at least turn it down - if you’re trying to reduce the running cost of your heating, then turning it off or down is the simplest way. This also lets you get the most out of your blanket. Rather than running your heating all evening and night, only do it when you need it and use your electric blanket to warm you once you get into bed.

“Keep it in good condition - if you’re constantly folding it or moving it around, you run the risk of damaging it. Make sure you roll it up when you’re storing it.

“Prepare in advance: preheat it - rather than blasting it on a high heat before you get into bed, prepare earlier and put it on a lower heat. Doing it on high heat will use more power, but if you simply put it on a low heat further in advance, you won’t use it so much.

“Stay low and add heat when you need it - the same goes for when you’re actually using it too. Start using your electric blanket on low heat. And, if you need a little extra oomph, you can up it for a short period of time.”

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