The restaurant chain Burger King has revealed a number of "secret hacks" which customers can make the most of to save money on its menu.

Their 'Whoppernomics hacks' range from feeding a family of four for as little as £4.50 each, turning two burgers into three and bagging a flame-grilled Cheeseburger without needing any money at all.

In a statement Burger King said: "The Whoppernomic hacks come after research revealed that nearly 9 in 10 (88%) Brits are feeling the impact of the rise in cost of living, with 92% actively looking for new ways to make their money stretch further.

"What’s more, value for money is now the number one thing people look for when eating out (67%) with the majority (89%) of the nation now more likely to search for deals when eating out. Most British people (87%) are turning to loyalty and rewards schemes to try and combat the rising costs."

Here's how you can make the most of Burger King hacks to save money/get free food.

11 hacks to save money at Burger King

Free Whopper burger

If you spend £3 on your first click & collect order with Burger King you can get a Whopper burger for free.

Burger for £1.99 twice a week

Head down to your local restaurant every Monday and Wednesday and get a Plant-Based Whopper or Vegan Royale for £1.99 for Meat-free Monday and Whopper Wednesday.

Feed the family for £4.50 each

Through the Burger King app you can get two Whopper or Royale meals for £9.99, and two kids meals for £3.99 each – feeding a family of four for under £18 and earning a saving of nearly £15.

Turn two burgers into three

Through signing up the loyalty scheme YourBurgerKing you earn 10 points for every £1 spent.

Therefore if you spend £15 - the equivalent of two gourmet burgers - you get 150 points, which can get you a free menu item in the form of chips, cheeseburger, hamburger or a regular drink

Meanwhile 300 points could earn ypu a free Double Cheeseburger or portion of Nuggets.

Saving on nuggets

Burger King said: "When you order 20 tasty Chicken or Vegan Nuggets via the BK app for just £3.99, you pay 5p less per nug than the equivalent price from you know who."

​​Chilli Cheese bites saving

Through the Burger King app you can get six Chilli Cheese bites for £1.99 which is a saving of around 15p per bite.

Sixth visit free

Those on the YourBurgerKing loyalty scheme get their sixth visit free. 

This is based on using 200 free points upon registering, and the average Burger King customer spending. 

Through that a new customer could earn a completely free meal in less than give visits.​

​Instant freebie through loyalty scheme sign up

Signing up to YourBurgerKing a customer is automatically awarded 200 points which is enough to claim a free cheeseburger, hamburger or drink without needing to spend a penny. ​

Student benefits

Students can get a free burger every day of the week if they show their Student Beans ID at the till and also spend £4 on other items.

Getting the most food for least amount of money

Simply order from the Melts range to get a burger, side, fries and drink for just £4.99 when placing your order in-store, via drive-thru or click & collect.  ​

First to try new menu items

Tjose on the Burger King app can get the chance to try new menu items days before they launch officially nationwide.

See all the deals you can redeem at Burger King on their website here.