Weymouth is once again proudly flying the Purple Flag - in recognition of its well managed and vibrant night-time economy.

It marks the fifth year in a row that the town has been awarded the prestigious recognition.

Like the Blue Flag scheme for beaches, Purple Flag areas are singled out for providing a vibrant and diverse mix of dining, entertainment and culture for visitors and residents to enjoy.

But some say there's need for more 'safe spaces' for marginalised communities.

Izzy, from LGBT+ Voices Dorset Forum, said: "It's absolutely fantastic that Weymouth has been accredited and all these schemes have real value in conveying confidence among marginalised communities and is definitely something to be celebrated.

"The concerns I have with schemes like this is that there's always a risk of increasing marginalisation by not looking at the multiple layers that contribute to a night-time economy. I think it's really important that we hear the voices of diverse communities and look at what can be done to provide safe spaces for everyone."

"The increase in CCTV is a real visible reassurance but it's important, also, that business are able to provide staff who are trained in being an ally and creating that safe space. It's really important, as a society, that we show compassion and enable everyone to take part in enjoying the night-time economy."

More CCTV has been promised around Weymouth in a bid to make women and girls feel safer.

Dorset Council plans to make the change after successfully securing almost £250,000 of funding for initiatives in Weymouth that protect women and girls from violence.

Of this money, the council aims to install CCTV cameras in a number of additional locations that they say could benefit from the added security and ‘will improve perceived levels of safety’.

Weymouth Town Council, working in partnership with We Are Weymouth (BID), recently showcased the town’s night-time economy to assessors from the Association of Town and City Management.

During their visit, assessors highlighted the work of the town pastors and the success of al fresco dining in creative a positive ambience. Some of the town’s landmarks including the Town Bridge and Jubilee Clock were lit purple on the night.

Councillor Graham Carr-Jones, Portfolio Holder for Housing and Community Safety at Dorset Council, said: “Working with the Town Council and other partners to achieve this award, we are proud of the services we collectively provide to help people feel safe in a vibrant night-time economy.

"Dorset Council has invested significantly in the town over the last 12 months, from the public realm work at Custom House Quay to the newly designed Railway Station and CCTV installations across the town through the Safer Streets fund, these measures all continue to make a positive difference which we are committed to upholding, going forwards.”