AN INSPIRATIONAL teenager is celebrating having completed a mammoth taekwondo challenge.

Adam Sevenoaks, 16, from Sutton Poyntz, has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - a condition where muscles progressively degenerate and get weaker - and tackled a 1,000 punch fundraiser.

The challenge saw Adam, in a wheelchair, throw 1,000 taekwondo punches in sets of 100 using his arm supports to assist him.

Speaking after the challenge, Adam's mum Mary said the youngster didn't let his disability stop him from doing anything.

She said: "We're very proud that actually he doesn't let his disability from doing anything and is always looking for the next challenge.

"The biggest thing for him, and for me, is wanting to raise money to give back to the people that have helped him throughout the years.

"He really wanted to raise money for Dorset's Children Foundation (which partially funded Adam's arm supports) because they have made such a massive difference to his life. They've given him back his independence.

"Until he got those he really wasn't able to do much and I think he knows we wouldn't have been able to get them by ourselves."

Adam, who has recently started sixth form at Thomas Hardye School, is now taking on his Duke of Edinburgh Silver award and is looking to complete his assistant taekwondo instructor qualification.

Mary said: "He's going on to do his assistant instructor qualification and, long term, that gives him something to enjoy and it's another thing where he can give back to the people that have helped.

"There was no hesitation when he was asked if he wanted to do it.

"He's very organised and meticulous - gets through lessons at work, comes home does training, but I think that's because he enjoys doing and hates sitting around not doing much."

And the message for other children and young adults with disabilities was simple - 'go for it'.

Mary said: "Don't let disability stop you - it's not always going to be an easy feat but if you want to do something then there's always a way to adapt and make the best of the time you've got."