A TALENTED Dorchester illustrator has brought to life a children's tale about a curious snow leopard cub that goes on an adventure.

Zoë Barnish has created the images for new book Sparkle, which teaches children the value of friendship and helps inspire them to understand the need to protect creatures in their natural habitat.

Proceeds from the sale of the book will support the charity, The White Lion Foundation and will be used to conserve and protect a small vulnerable population of snow leopards in the Karakorum Mountains of southern Asia, where Sparkle lives in the book.

Sparkle is written by Shirley Galligan and is the latest in a series of conservation books aimed at children produced in collaboration with Zoë.

Shirley’s commitment for animal welfare, wildlife and compassionate conservation led her to establish The White Lion Foundation. Previously, Shirley spent more than 20 years as the PR director of an international wildlife charity. She travelled extensively, working with international media and film crews, creating and promoting major wildlife appeals and worldwide news stories.

With Sparkle due to be published on October 31, Zoe and Shirley are also celebrating news that an earlier book in the conservation series, Totty, the Sea Turtle's Spectacular Quest, has been nominated for the People's Book Prize 2022/2023.

It follows on from the success of yet another book illustrated by Zoe - Munu, the Most Special Rhino in the World! - which was a finalist in The People's Book Prize 2021/2022.

The proceeds from all of these books go to the charities that help these animals in different countries.

A spokesman for publishers Shepheard-Walwyn said of Sparkle: "This story teaches children the value of friendship and helps inspire them to understand the need to protect these exquisite creatures in their natural habitat.

"Who knows, it may even help them to become our conservationists of the future.

"This story is set to become a much-loved Christmas classic for generations to come."

Talented Zoë has also illustrated World in Danger by Frankie Morland and seven picture books for the popular BBC series Wordwaves.

Zoë has used 2D animation to bring her characters and graphics to life for videos and short films, including the BBC Bitesize series Isla and Connor Explore.

She has collaborated with a number of music artists, including Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Amy Wadge and Britain's Got Talent finalists, SOS from the Kids, to create music videos.

She is particularly passionate about projects which benefit charitable causes, with previous works raising funds and awareness for conservation, environmental and humanitarian charities.

Sparkle, aimed at children aged between six and nine, will be published on October 31 at £8.99 and is available for pre-order from WHSmith, Waterstones and Shepheard-Walwyn publishers.