DORSET'S Corfe Castle is one of the most 'Instagram-worthy' haunted houses in England, according to a new survey.

Stokemont Party Wall Surveyors found the hilltop remains of Corfe Castle make up the the fourth most 'insta-worthy' haunted building in England, with 57,421 hashtags in total.

The most famous ghost tale at the site is said to be of a figure of a headless lady who haunts the ground and whose mere shade 'chills the blood' of those who cross her.

Sightings of this lady have mostly been seen by the castle gate based on reports from those who claim to have seen her, who say she then fades away into nothing.

Similarly there are stories of a weeping child from inside a cottage which is located next to the castle ruins as well as in the castle grounds, when there is no child around.

Many people over the years have also reported seeing strange, flickering lights moving about the grounds at night.

Stokemont found the notorious Tower of London is the most 'Instagrammable' haunted house in England, with 655,933 Instagram tags in total.