A WOMAN believes to have caught evidence of ghostly activity at a historic church in Dorset.

Cheryl, a Salisbury resident, has shared photographs from her visit to Knowlton Church, where she believes she saw a ghost.

She had been exploring the church grounds on the morning of Friday, September 30- a visit that seemed entirely normal until she returned home.

She said: “I took some photographs there, because I like photography anyway, but didn’t see anything, or didn’t feel anything.

“I got home. I was looking through the photos and zoomed in and that’s when I noticed the two images.”

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Cheryl discovered that in two of the pictures she had taken at the church, she could see a dark figure lurking in an arch way.

She believed this to be a ghost, but surprisingly, was not left unsettled by her finding. She said: “It wasn’t a fear, I was quite pleased actually. It was a good feeling.”

Dorset Echo: The picture taken by CherylThe picture taken by Cheryl (Image: Cheryl R)

It is not the first time that Knowlton Church has been at the centre of paranormal discussion, with explorers and ‘ghost hunters’ reporting sightings in the past.

Cheryl added: “Knowlton Church is supposed to be one of the most haunted locations in Dorset, but I’ve not actually seen images that clear before.”

The Daily Echo approached The Dorset Paranormal Research Team, who spend their time compiling evidence of paranormal phenomena.

After viewing the photos taken by Cheryl, one member suggested the sightings have a logical explanation and pointed towards pareidolia- the psychological phenomenon that causes some people to see or hear a vague or random image as something significant.

On the subject of pareidolia, David Goulden at The Dorset Paranormal Research Team, said: “It's why we see faces in the clouds, sometimes faces in a window which could be down to reflection, and why our brains that are mapped to read facial expressions sometimes see what isn't there.

“The brain is good at filling in the gaps. Then sometimes add the narrative of an alleged haunted location and it is easy to start to unintentionally pull all of this together.

“On this occasion, my conclusions lead me towards a more logical explanation, although that doesn't mean that I don't see and haven't seen in the past some images that are a little more compelling and not as easy to apply a simple explanation too."