Securing concert tickets for your favourite artist can be a challenge. With thousands of fans trying to purchase at once, smaller venues and pricey resales, buying tickets really can be a sport.

It seems the safer option is presale tickets. But if you don’t have access to priority sales, what can you do?

Enter Spotify’s presale.

You may only come across it as an option sometimes, but this presale is reserved for the artist’s top fans.

So how do you get it?

What is Spotify presale and how do I get it?

Spotify presale is available to anyone with a Spotify account, premium or not and you don’t need to sign up for anything.

The streaming service gives away presale access to the artist’s biggest fans. So, if you truly are a super fan and Spotify’s data confirms that, you could receive a special code to get you early access to tickets.

Emails are sent to listeners who Spotify’s data shows are the artist’s top fans and/or anyone who follows the artist on Spotify.

This is also the same with access to merch and exclusive offers!

The email will include a link to the correct ticketing company as well as your code.

Spotify says you should double-check your account page's notification settings to make sure you get Spotify News and Offers and to also make sure it has your correct email address.