Dorset will be hosting it's first Women's Health Symposium with guest appearances from Scottish comediennes Janey Godley and Helen Lederer.

Titled 'Menstruation to Menopause' the inaugural event, presented by Weymouth-based GO Girls and Dorchester-based Women's Action Network Dorset (WAND), will be held at Poole Lighthouse on Thursday, March 9.

Helen Lederer, who has long had a keen interest in promoting and supporting women's health will be launching the day's event by asking: "Why do we need to talk about women's health?".

Ms Lederer, a patron of charity GO Girls, said: "I am honoured to help launch this Women's health event. So many people doing important work - the day should be a day full of interest, discussion and reflection."

Janey Godley herself has been undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer and knows first-hand the importance of speaking up about women's health.

She said: "Ovarian cancer has been a rollercoaster of emotions; I'm more determined than ever to live life to the full and to stick two fingers up to the stigma of cancer and everything that goes with it.

"It's more important than ever that events like this give people the chance to learn about things like women's cancers and other women's health conditions so that they know what to look for and to get treatment as soon as they possibly can.

"I'm delighted to be sharing my story at this event in the middle of my 'I'm Not Dead Yet' tour.

"We need to talk about this kind of stuff. Cancer can 'jog on' as far as I'm concerned".

On 20th July 2022 the UK Government launched a new Women's Health Strategy for England.

It sets out how the government will improve the way in which the health and care system listens to women's voices, and how it will boost health outcomes for women and girls.

Marianne Storey, chair of Women's Action Network Dorset said: "With the publication of the Women's Health Strategy last year, there has never been a more pertinent time to hear women's voices or to share and learn about where Dorset is at in supporting women with their health"

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