THE UK has a proud record on immigration.

Many have come here seeking refuge and a new start and many have made a huge success of it.

However, the sheer number of young, single, fit men arriving by way of safe and friendly European countries has become indefensible.

They make a perilous journey across the Channel in a small boat which has claimed numerous lives and it must stop.

If the predictions are correct, illegal arrivals will double to 65,000 in the coming year, placing even more pressure on a creaking system.

Schools, medical care and housing are already stretched to the limit, so it’s right the Prime Minister looks at all options.

One of them being mooted is to leave the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), which has so far bedevilled our attempts to remove illegal migrants.

Mr Sunak said that where the ECHR rules that new policies are unlawful, the Government is prepared to withdraw from its jurisdiction.

Let’s not forget that the court has already grounded a deportation flight to Rwanda, though the policy was deemed legal by the High Court.

While some disagree with this policy, its aim is to deter.

It’s essential we stop the boats and have a safe, legal way for genuine asylum seekers to come to this country.

Mr Sunak has promised a new Bill to fix the problem and we look forward to debating it.

Under it, even legitimate arrivals will be processed in detention centres and their cases rapidly dealt with.

It’s of grave concern that over the past year many of the Albanian men and teenagers who’ve arrived here have disappeared.

Taking full control of our borders was a promise made - and one we must keep.