Tomatoes and peppers were absent from supermarket shelves in Weymouth as the national salad shortage continues.

Adverse weather conditions in Mediterranean countries like Spain and Morocco have caused a national shortage of some fruits and vegetables.

The UK imports many of these items during winter months to keep shelves stocked.

This has led supermarkets to limit the number of certain items that customers can buy.

Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Aldi have all limited sales of peppers and tomatoes as shelves lay empty and unstocked.

The Mediterranean misfortune meant many of the shelves in Morrisons in Weymouth were left empty. 

In the Dorchester Road supermarket, cherry tomatoes were the only tomatoes available for customers to purchase, peppers were also unavailable, whilst lettuce and cucumber were scarcely stocked.

Dorset Echo:

Dorset Echo:

A note on the shelves at Morrisons wrote: "Availability across our Tomato (or "Peppers") range has been significantly impacted by adverse weather conditions across Spain and Morocco. 

"During this time purchase is limited to 2 per customer across the range.

"Thank you for your patience."

A similar shortage situation was seen in Sainsbury's on Mercery Road, Weymouth.

Shelves for peppers were empty whilst tomatoes were in short supply.

Dorset Echo: Shortages were seen in Sainsbury'sShortages were seen in Sainsbury's (Image: Tom Lawrence)

Dorset Echo: A message from Sainsbury's staff on the shortagesA message from Sainsbury's staff on the shortages (Image: Tom Lawrence)

A note for customers wrote: "Poor weather is currently affecting the nationwide supply of some products, including tomatoes, salads and peppers.

"We apologise for any inconvenience and hope to be back in full supply soon."

The availability atrocity also left aisles abandoned in nearby Aldi on Mercery Road.

Tomatoes and peppers were once again the items which were unavailable for customers.

Dorset Echo: Empty shelves and a message from AldiEmpty shelves and a message from Aldi (Image: Tom Lawrence)

A note from Aldi staff wrote: "Due to poor weather conditions in Europe some fruit and veg lines are temporarily unavailable.

"We're sorry for the inconvenience."