The Northern Lights above Dorset have been captured by a Dorset resident.

Gareth Lloyd has shared a stunning photograph of what he believes to be the Aurora Borealis, seen from Wareham on Sunday evening.

The Met Office had expected the lights to be visible from locations around the UK on Sunday, due to "a coronal hole high-speed stream" combined with a "fast coronal mass ejection".

After viewing Gareth’s image, the weather service said it was a ‘possibility’ that it showed the Aurora, but ‘couldn’t confirm’ this with just one image.

A Met Office spokesperson said: "There was an Aurora last night that was seen quite far to the south of the UK but it is hard to confirm if that is what is captured in one single image.

"It is certainly a possibility though as the image looks to be a long exposure."

The Aurora Borealis are typically best seen in areas with high latitudes and are closer to the Arctic, such as Iceland and Scandinavia.

Usually, Scotland is the only part of the UK that is lucky enough to see the wonders of the world.

The service said that the Aurora should be visible again in parts of the UK again on Monday night.