A WOMAN who launched an “appalling” racist tirade at a shop worker before threatening to kill a teenager has been fined just £100.

Amy Rachael Fox, aged 27, and of Louise Road in Dorchester, appeared before Weymouth Magistrates Court on Wednesday, March 1 where she pleaded guilty to one count of racially aggravated harassment and one count of assault. She told the court her actions were “disgusting”.

The two charges relate to incidents on July 9 of last year when, at around 6.30pm, she entered Lennox Street Stores in Weymouth with another man where she was said by a shop worker to be “quite loud”.

The court heard the shop worker had asked Fox to “calm down” as there were other customers in the store to which she said “don’t speak to me like that.” The worker then asked again before Fox directed a series of racial insults at her victim.

Amid the racial obscenities, Fox also told her victim that she would kill him. The victim told police he felt ‘sad and upset’ as a result of the incident. 

The court was told that the whole incident lasted around 10 minutes with Fox at times ‘placated’ by the man she entered with - leaving the store twice before coming back to continue her flurry of abuse. As she left in the direction of the Esplanade she threw a handful of stones at the store.

Having headed to the Esplanade, Fox then directed her anger at a teenager unknown to her. Fox subjected the 15-year-old girl to “appalling” verbal abuse including sexualised obscenities before proceeding to say ‘I will kill you, I will rip your guts out, I swear on your dead nan’s life’.

After initially walking away from the teen, Fox walked back towards her and spat at her with the spit landing on the victim’s right arm.

In a statement, the young girl said she felt ‘disgusted that someone could do that’.

Lee Christmas, mitigating, said the offences had come about as a result of homelessness and excessive drink and that Fox had made ‘good progress’ since a previous conviction for assault.

Fox was said to be engaging well with probation services, something accepted by the magistrates, and looking to make a ‘fresh start’. She conceded her actions on the day had been ‘appalling and disgusting’ and said she was ‘ashamed’ of them.

Fox was ordered to pay compensation of £115 to the victim of the assault, fined £100, and made subject to an 18 month community order. She must complete 30 rehabilitation activity requirement days.