A group of people who believe that the UK should re-join the European Union have been meeting up at a new, regular event in Dorchester.

The ‘Dorchester Euro Café’ started as a one-off event in February, but increasing popularity has led to the organisers now planning to make it a regular, monthly event.

Rachel Lawrence, who organises Dorchester Euro Café in partnership with Dorset for Europe, said: “We’ve been delighted to see so many people – from right across Dorset - coming along to the Euro Café.

"They’ve told us that it feels great to meet up with people who share their conviction that the UK belongs in the EU.”

Dorchester Euro Café is now meeting regularly at the Vivo Lounge at Brewery Square in Dorchester.

Rachel said: “We’re clear that the path to re-joining will be paved with coffee, cake and conversation, so we’re offering a warm, welcoming and social space for people who – like us – want to see the UK back in the EU."

The latest Dorchester Euro Café took place on Saturday, March 25 on the national ‘Day for Rejoin’ and was one of nearly 40 events taking place across the country.

In 2016 Britain voted to leave the European Union in a referendum, with 54% of Dorset residents voting in favour of leaving the EU across the east and west constituencies.

The next Dorchester Euro Café will take place from 3pm until 5pm on Saturday, April 22 at Vivo Lounge, on Brewery Square, Dorchester.