Two Dorset destinations have been named among the most beautiful in the UK.

The list of the 50 most beautiful locations in the UK was compiled by global travel site Big 7 Travel.

It is as part of an annual listing which it is running for the second year.

Destinations were ranked on their overall beauty, editorial opinions and reader suggestions from the previous year's list.

Durdle Door has been named the 13th most beautiful spot in the UK as part of the rankings.

This did place Durdle Door as the sixth most beautiful spot in England after being beaten by picturesque towns Bath, Cambridge and Castle Combe as well as the Lake District and Minack Theatre in Cornwall.

The travel site described Durdle Door as a "stunning" spot on the Jurassic Coast.

It wrote: "The Jurassic Coast is chock full of wonder and ethereal spots, but none quite as stunning as Durdle Door.

"The famous stone arch was created when the sea shot through the Portland limestone some 10,000 years ago.

"Today, it stands perfectly in the pristinely blue waters, attracting thousands of visitors a year."

Featuring further down the list, the Dorset town of Shaftesbury has also been named one of the most beautiful places in the UK.

Coming in at number 30, the town famous for Gold Hill was described as being like "something from a storybook."

The travel site wrote: "Shaftesbury is a sleepy Saxon hilltop village sure to charm your socks off. The town’s Gold Hill was made famous by the iconic Hovis Bread advert from the ’70s, but this cosy countryside gem is much more than that.

"From the quiet cobblestoned streets to the relics of St Edward the Martyr to the Old Wardour Castle, Shaftesbury is like something from a storybook."