Martin Lewis has issued a warning to everyone on minimum wage, telling them they need to make sure they are not being underpaid.

The Money Saving Expert appeared on ITV Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, warning workers that there are eight different ways they could be underpaid while earning the minimum wage.

The minimum wage rates rose on April 1, with everyone aged over 22 now entitled to £10.42 per hour.

Explaining how you may be being underpaid, Martin said: “Firstly, if as part of your employment you have to pay for uniform, tools, safety clothing or appropriate clothing, and the costs of these then taken off your wage puts you less than the minimum wage, you are being underpaid and they are not allowed to do that.


“Similarly, you must be paid for all of your working time, including overtime, training and travel time (not commuting).”

These are the other ways you may be being underpaid if you are on minimum wage according to Martin Lewis:

If you get accommodation costs as part of your job, your employer can reduce your minimum wage by a maximum of £63.70 per week and no more.

If you get tips at your job or work overtime, this must be on top of your minimum wage.

If you work on commission only and are not earning minimum wage your employer must top it up to meet the difference.

Apprentice rates are only for real apprentices. If you receive an apprentice rate you must also receive structured training as part of your role.

Finally, Martin Lewis warned everyone to check their pay if they work for a large and firm, and not to assume they will get it right.

He said: “Do not think all of these are for little firms that are trying to play fast and loose.

“In the past we have had name and shames of firms including John Lewis, Sheffield United, Bodyshop and many other big companies that have got it wrong. Go through this checklist.”

He also added that the rules apply to salaried workers as well as those paid hourly.

Martin said: “This is not just for people paid hourly, it applies even if you are on a salary. If you work 35 hours per week and you are aged 23 then you should earn a minimum of £19,964.”