FIREFIGHTERS rescued a cow which had escaped its field and become 'stuck in a bog'.

Wareham Fire Station said it sent one fire engine to the stricken farm animal at about 3.45pm yesterday (Thursday, May 18).

The cow had got stuck in the bog behind Lady Saint Mary's Church in Church Green, an area known as the Meadows.

Fire crews were joined by Poole Fire Station crews to help rescue the animal, which had escaped from its field with its herd after a gate was left open by walkers.

Firefighters said that after being removed from the bog the 'happy cow' was seen grazing in its 'rightful place'.

"One fire engine was sent to the Meadows behind Lady Saint Mary’s Church to a cow stuck in a bog," Wareham Fire Station said.

"The rest of the herd looked on as firefighters and Poole fire Station’s Tech Rescue crew rescued the stricken animal.

"The herd escaped from its field due to a gate being left open by some walkers. The happy cow is now grazing in his rightful place."