POLICE were called to a Dorset town after reports that two 'suspicious' men were looking at caravans and asking their owners if they were selling them.

The pair were reported to be walking around the Westbridge Park area of Sherborne yesterday evening (Wednesday, May 24).

Sherborne Police said on social media that it was carrying out patrols following the reports from a 'concerned member of the public'.

The men were said to be looking at caravans which were parked up in the road and asking owners if they would like to sell them.

Police added that it 'would like to reassure the public' that patrols were made in response to this 'to give reassurance and deter any further suspicious activity'.

"Owners - make sure that any security measures are made to keep vehicles safe," Sherborne Police advised.

"If you have ability to do so, you may consider placing a vehicle in front of the caravan/motorhome to make it less accessible.

"If you have a steering lock and wheel clamps please also use them if not already. Chance of theft is unlikely, especially with vehicles secured, but be vigilant.

"If you believe a theft is in progress dial 999. If there are further incidents of suspicious persons looking at caravans/motorhomes, residents can report this to 101 phoneline or use our online form on the Dorset Police website."