A coroner is to examine whether there were any potential failings in the events leading up to the death of a “fearless and absolutely beautiful” Weymouth teenager.

It comes after a pre-inquest review was held into the death of 15-year-old Roxy Phillips who died on a railway line near Upwey station.

The hearing, held yesterday, (Thursday), heard Roxy had been out with a friend on the night of Wednesday, March 22, and tragically died from injuries caused by electrocution after coming into contact with an electrified railway line in the early hours of the following day.

Dorset coroner Rachel Griffiths heard that police had searched for the pair after getting a call about them being on the tracks and the electricity had been switched off. When no-one was found the power was turned back on again and Roxy was reported to have come into contact with the electrified line shortly afterwards.

Multiple agencies are involved in the inquest including Dorset Police, British Transport Police, Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust and Dorset Council.

A full inquest will be held later in the year.

Mrs Griffiths added: “If it was known that there was a risk to somebody’s life, then that means there is scope to possibly trigger article two of European Convention on Human Rights.” 

The legislation rules that everyone’s right to life is protected by law, and the inquest would be looking to see if there were any potential failings. 

The coroner added there was a “lot to review”, including evidence from Roxy’s phone, a timeline of events and correspondence with the relevant agencies. 


Dorset Echo: Roxy PhillipsRoxy Phillips (Image: Family handout)

Mrs Griffiths said: “At 12.59am (March 23) a member of public rang the police to say they had seen two people on the railway line, one boy and one girl.

"Following that call, it had been established it was in fact two girls - Roxy and her friend. The train line electricity was shut down and Dorset Police were given permission to access the railway. Officers attended at around 1.15am. At 1.42am, the British Transport Police advised Dorset Police that the tracks were switched on.

"At 2.06am, Roxy's friend had called 999 to explain what had sadly happened.

"There are questions for me to consider here to establish what has happened. Whilst the statements give me some information, it doesn't give me all the details."

The coroner said that Roxy had started to have difficulties in July 2020 when her beloved horse died. She noted ‘difficulties around her lifestyle’ and behaviour in school. A referral was made to children and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS) in April 2022.

In the days leading up to her death Roxy had been taken hospital where she had disclosed she had taken drugs.

After the hearing at Bournemouth Town Hall, Roxy’s mum Kerri Walker said a number of questions needed answering “in order to get justice for Roxy”.

She said one of the questions that needed answering was why the electricity had been turned back on along the railway lines.

Dorset Echo: Roxy's funeral was held in AprilRoxy's funeral was held in April (Image: Dorset Echo)

Paying tribute to her daughter, Miss Walker said: “She loved animals, she competed, she did watersports, swam for Weymouth – her love for animals was unbelievable. 

“But then she fell into this thing where she was bored and couldn’t get her education."

Miss Walker said the death of her horse hit Roxy badly and affected her behaviour.

She added: “But she was a popular girl, she cheered everybody up and it has been a massive loss to all that knew her.”

A full inquest is scheduled for October 19.