Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis has issued a warning to Tesco shoppers urging them to trade in their Clubcard points before Wednesday. 

Supermarket giant Tesco announced earlier this year it would be changing its Clubcard rewards scheme.

Currently, Clubcard customers can triple the value of points when they spend at one of more than 100 'Reward Partners' which includes Pizza Express, Disney+ and

The change will see shoppers only able to double their points rather than triple them meaning that they will get less for their money.

Dorset Echo: Tesco is changing its Clubcard rewards scheme this week.Tesco is changing its Clubcard rewards scheme this week. (Image: Joe Giddens / Press Association)

This change will come into effect on Wednesday, June 14.

Martin Lewis urges Tesco Clubcard holders to take advantage of triple value rewards before deadline

Ahead of the Tuesday (June 13) deadline, Maritn Lewis has urged all Tesco Clubcard holders to take advantage of the triple-value rewards.

He took to social media to remind people of the changes that will be coming into place this week.

On Twitter, Lewis said: "Tesco Customer Tip. Please share with Tesco shoppers. 

"This Tues, 13 June is the LAS DAY u get TRIPLE value rewards for trading in Clubcard points (eg £5=£15 Pizza Exp, Disney+, Legolnd, etc).

"From Wed it's cut to DOUBLE. So trade asap, especially as the Rwards are then valid a year."

Money Saving Expert's top 3 best Clubcard Reward deals

Martin Lewis and the Money Saving Expert team have come up with the best-value deals you can get when swapping Clubcard vouchers for partner rewards:

  • A three-month subscription to Disney+ for the price of one.
  • An annual railcard for just £10 in Clubcard vouchers.
  • Cheaper cinema tickets.

Tesco Clubcard holders rush to use points following Martin Lewis reminder

Tesco shoppers responded to Martin Lewis' tweet - reminding them to take advantage of their triple-value rewards before Wednesday - revealing what they had obtained by using the current benefits set up.

Dorset Echo: Martin Lewis has reminded Tesco shoppers about an important date to remember this week.Martin Lewis has reminded Tesco shoppers about an important date to remember this week. (Image: PA)

One person said: "Traded £180 for £540 worth of deals Have a great weekend."

While another added: "Already done all mine. Disney +, Tenpin, Cineworld and Zizzi vouchers. Happy days!!"

A third person said: "Just traded my £40 vouchers to £120 @ . Nice wee break sorted."

Another user issued a further warning to Tesco shoppers, urging them to get in early as there was a slight delay in rewards being processed.

The user said: "Don’t leave it too late as some of my Rewards have taken 12 hours to come through and you can’t place any other orders in the meantime."

The change in the Tesco rewards scheme had clearly upset some shoppers. 

One Tesco shopper, responding to Lewis' tweet added: "And from the 14th, I become a shopper at @LidlGB or @AldiUK as Triple points was the only reason to stay with @Tesco."