There is perhaps nowhere with such a rich history in Weymouth than Chapelhay.

The neighbourhood changed drastically after a parachute mine dropped in the Second World War destroyed houses, shops and even a school.

Chapelhay was the worst-hit part of Weymouth in German bombing raids and the area was left in ruins.

Blocks of new flats and terraces of new shops were later built.

These fascinating slider photos show the area as it was and how it is now.

Just slide across with your mouse to travel from past times to present day. 

1.) Chapelhay Heights- Before and after a parachute mine destroyed properties.

Chapelhay was always an interesting area with the historic High Street. 

But on November 17, 1940, disaster struck. A parachute mine exploded in the area between Franchise Street and Chapelhay Street, destroying many houses and putting the school building out of action, as it became apparent later, for good. 

2.) Original Holy Trinity School, Franchise Street, Chapelhay and Franchise Street today

3.) St Leonard's Road Church, Chapelhay - now flats 

4.) Spring Gardens, Weymouth