Spectacular views of Weymouth Bay and excruciatingly long queues of traffic - these make up readers' memories of the old Relief Road.

Dorset Echo readers have been reminiscing about the old Weymouth Ridgeway road, now that the newer relief road has been built.

Click into our photo gallery above to see picture of the old road and see a video of how it looks today below.

Some of the commenters remembered the long queues of traffic they would face during their daily commute or riding on the iconic green Southdown coaches.

Others recall the stunning views of Weymouth Bay as they came over the hill on the Ridgeway road.

Mike O'Connor felt that the old road was, in his opinion, still the proper way into Weymouth and out to Dorchester, and that the new route seems 'strange to him'.

However, James Brown, adds that some of the old road now leads to a farm.

He filmed this video of the old road, which brings back some happy memories.

Following the original road to Weymouth - Video by James Brown 

James said: "As a child visiting Weymouth for holidays that first glimpse of the sea meant so much.

"And when leaving my brother and myself would wave goodbye.

"Even today and I travel to Weymouth four times a week, my heart still skips a beat," he said.

Jennifer Antell said she enjoyed watching this 'lovely, memorable' ride, while Liz Cooper remembers how lovely it was to go on holiday, but it was even better coming home and seeing Weymouth when they came over the hill.

Nicky Hudson loved the trip down memory lane of travelling the old Ridgeway road as a child and remembers how 'magical' the first glimpse of the sea was when the fairy lights lit up the Esplanade.

Julie Lawrence agreed, saying that the view of Weymouth was 'not quite the same' from the new relief road.

Brian Lucas remembers travelling back and forth to Portsmouth on the road on Southdown coaches loaded with sailors from Plymouth. The earliest trips were at 3am and it was in the days of 'long hours and little pay'.

Other commenters like Vic Pomeroy remember leaving their homes at only fifteen years old and living in 'digs, flats, and even the beach'.

Gillian Hillidge remembers her dad pulling the car over at night so they could see Weymouth lit up.

He told them to remember the road and the view, as plans were in the works to build the new relief road.

Other commenters like Andy Mitchell, Shirley Dunne, Cassandra Lock, Judy Acreman, Patrick John Bennett, and Kieran Webster expressed their love for the old Ridgeway road and the iconic view of Weymouth Bay.

Many who contributed to the conversation are very fond of the old Ridgeway road and the memories attached to it, however, as you can see in the photo gallery above, some peoples' memories of being stuck in queuing traffic are not so fondly recalled!