AS THE policy of sending migrants to Rwanda has been defeated by the Court of Appeal, this now seems to have further delayed Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s pledge to stop the small boats crossing the channel.

However, how do we stop the small boats crossing the channel, this is the question that politicians struggle to answer.

Border Force seem unable to do it and many people seem to believe that they and the RNLI simply act as a taxi service to bring migrants ashore.

It would seem there only two ways to stop this, one is to prevent them leaving the French coast in the dinghies, however all efforts to do this to date seem to have failed.

The second method would be to push the boats back and prevent them leaving French territorial waters.

It would seem this is something Border Force are not prepared to do, the reason being this could result in loss of life.

The question to ponder is, why do we continue to allow ourselves to be held to ransom, with the threat of possible loss of lives if we push the boats back.

Surely this task should be undertaken by somebody other than Border Force, such as say the Special Boat Service/Royal Marines who are specialist in this field.

We should inform the French that we are going to do this and that their rescue services will be summoned to be in attendance, to escort anyone back to the French coast.

Unfortunately, it does not seem any of our politicians are committed enough to instigate this procedure, in the same way that the Australian government has done and successfully stopped the boats.


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