Our latest dip into the archives has unearthed this picture of the final bus trip of Great Western Railway in Weymouth.

The pictures were sent in by Reg Little in 2007 and one shows his father Frank and colleagues at the final time GWR would operate buses out of Weymouth.

Reg said at the time: "The photo must've been taken around 1932. My father is third from the left, or second from the left in the front row.

"We lived in Radipole village when it was first built.

"I remember my grandmother came to visit us and she was going up a hill in Radipole on her three-wheeled bath chair.

"There was a dustcart and the dustmen gave us some rope and said ''ere, tie this on there'.

"So we tied the rope onto the chair and she got a lift up the hill. She always remembered that and laughed about it for the rest of her life, going up that hill. We moved away from Dorset in 1933, just after the photo was taken.

"The picture was of the final trip of the buses, which used to be painted brown and cream.

"The buses were taken over and we moved to Devon. I was about five when the photo was taken.

"It was also the time when the Prince of Wales used to fly into a place near Radipole in a red airplane.

"The prince would come down to do a bit of stuff down there.

"We didn't know what it was but we were told it was to see a young lady on the quiet.

"I remember seeing the plane, everyone would know he was coming."