This we’re were taking a look back at the changing scenes and layouts of Lyme Regis.

The seafront, buildings, shops and even car parks of this quaint west Dorset seaside town seemed to have changed quite a lot over the years.

We’ve found some photos of Lyme, mostly taken in the 1980s that show how much - or how little - some parts of the town have changed.

The layout of the beach is different today, with the beach now nearly level with the wall along seen quite prominent in the photographs and a path now separates the sandy beach from the pubs and food outlets.

The layout of Cobb Gate car park has changed, with the clock now a centrepiece in the car park, not seen in the photograph, and the Lyme Regis Museum building has been updated and extended.

Some of the businesses seen in the photos can still be found in the town today, such as the Lyme Fossil Shop, and the Rock Point Inn, which is due to be open before Easter, and Arthur Fordham is still in Broad Street. The Golden Cap Restaurant on Broad Street is now The Sanctuary bookshop.

The Guildhall Cottage currently houses the Tourist Information Centre and the Dorset Coffee House on Bell Cliff is now Lyme’s Famous Fudge Shop.

One thing that has remained the same is Lyme Regis’ iconic Cobb and the beautiful Guildhall has been stripped-back to reveal the stones.