Seven homes are being proposed for a site off Watery Lane, Weymouth.

The development, if allowed, will also include a new bridge over the Pudsey Brook and a new site road.

The greenfield site is west of the lane with the proposal for three 3-bed homes and four 4-bed homes, all with attached garages.

A previous application for the site was submitted in 2015 but later withdrawn to await flood remodelling data for the site from the Environment Agency.

The plans were later amended to increase the finished floor levels to take the proposed homes above the predicted one in one hundred year flood risk.

A planning agent for the developer says that although the site is not within the Broadwey conservation area the scheme has been designed as if it were. The site is adjacent to the Defined Development Boundary, but outside it.

Said the agent: “All proposed dwellings will visually exhibit a cohesive design form and mass with appropriate material selection to those already evident within the Conservation Area. Although not contained within the Conservation Area the proposal will provide an enhancement to this.”

Full details of the application, ref 2023/03922, can be seen on the Dorset Council website with public comments open until August 18.