A care home resident 'beamed with happiness' when her favourite weather presenter made a surprise visit to the Dorset Care Home where she lives.

Mary Tompkins, 92, currently lives at Care Dorset’s The Hayes residential home in Sherborne.

ITV weather presenter Charlie Powell was contacted by the team at The Hayes, who explained that Mary had expressed a wish to meet him.

Activities Officer Vicky Feltham said: “We started a Wishing Tree last September and asked all the people we support to tell us their wishes.

“Wishes granted so far have included a boat ride for a former Royal Navy officer and even a flight in a helicopter.”

Vicky continued: “At first, we were a little daunted when Mary said she wanted to meet her favourite weather presenter Charlie. But we sent a message via the ITV Facebook page and were amazed when they came straight back to us saying he would be delighted to visit.”

Vicky’s fellow Activities Officer Bev Williams added: “Mary adores Charlie and tells everyone to shush! when he comes on the TV each night.

“It hasn’t been easy keeping this all a secret from her, but we invited her family in for a tea party beforehand and then Charlie made his grand entrance.”

Striding into Mary’s tea party Charlie said: “I understand you wanted to meet me, Mary?”

A stunned Mary said: “Oh Charlie! You look exactly the same as you do on the telly!”

She continued: “They told me they didn’t think they would be able to get you to come. I’m so happy. You’re my favourite.”

Mary has been living at The Hayes since March 2022.

Mary’s daughter Dawn Payne said: “We are so grateful to Care Dorset colleagues for making this wish come true for her and to Charlie for coming all the way from Exeter to meet her. This will be all she talks about for months to come.”

A further surprise came when Charlie invited Mary to introduce his weather forecast, which went out live across the West Country from The Hayes.

Charlie said: “It’s been lovely to meet Mary and her family today and incredibly flattering to know how much she enjoys my weather reports. She has also been an excellent co-presenter.”

Mary is now contemplating her next wish and is considering a motorbike ride or a visit to Glastonbury Festival.