SAFETY concerns have been raised over an application for a summer-only 'mega slip and slide' in a field off the main road to the west of Wimborne.

Several residents have told Dorset Council the business is a distraction for drivers with the risk of cars turning across fast-moving traffic.

The attraction is already in place and had been operating last year.

Local councillor Robin Cooke says he is concerned at the possible effect on A31 drivers as they pass the site, between the Vines Close farm shop and the Coventry Arms.

He said he is particularly concerned about the access to the site for vehicles travelling east turning across the main traffic flow.

“I note that National Highways are not on the consultee list which I think is an omission that should be corrected. I am aware that they do not encourage sites that involve an access in this way,” he said.

The planning application for the site at Meadow Farm, Mill Street, comes from Nigel Mcalwane of Neat Productions, based in Cornwall, who runs a similar attraction there.

A resident from nearby Henbury House has written to Dorset Council to warn of the potential for accidents.

“This is a dangerous and accident prone stretch of road at the best of times, but now with the added visual distraction for drivers (the slip and slide is unmissable!), and the entry and exit directly on to the A31, I feel it is only a matter of time before a serious or fatal accident occurs,” he said.

Another objector, who lives in Broadstone and drives the road four times a day, claims to have already witnessed accidents in the area while a Sturminster Marshall residents say the skid hazard on the road has increased because of mud being carried off the site on customers vehicles.

Said a Pamphill resident: “These problems were also apparent when the slide was open last year and I was disappointed to see that it was happening again, this journey is busy, lengthy and hazardous enough without extra factors adding to the problems.

"I appreciate this is a great activity for families, but this is a wholly inappropriate and dangerous site for this type of activity.”

Not all of the comments have been negative. One, from Gillingham, has written to describe the slide as “an excellent idea…the area needs a bit of excitement and boost especially during summer school holidays for an already boring area.”

Another, with a DT3 postcode, has written to say: “This slide is absolutely NOT a distraction. People complaining about this need to get a life and stop being fun sponges. It’s a temporary thing for the summer.

"Look ahead when driving on the road, it’s not difficult. If you are easily distracted then you should not have a driving licence. I fully support this application for a fun attraction locally.”

The attraction is offering sessions from £12 for children, £13 for adults.

Public comments on the planning application for temporary use remain open until August 18. Reference 2023/04036.