A QUIRKY detail of a Weymouth landmark is remembered today.

Many readers remember spotting 'old Nick' under the arch of Sandsfoot Castle, which is said to look a little like the devil!

Eric Kelly recalls visiting the castle with his friends as a lad in the 1950s, He wondered what has happened to 'old Nick' as he now struggles to see it.

He said: "I recall that on the inside wall was a large image of ‘Old Nick’. Does anyone know when it was removed?"

The image apparently pre-dates the First World War, but still remains and was barely visible in 2019, as you can see from this picture taken by Shirley Mitchell, right.

Visitors to the castle posting reviews on TripAdvisor have lamented the fading Old Nick image.

Margaret from York said: "There's no more a view of 'old Nick'. That's one the wall which I can remember seeing as a kid."

This interesting snippet comes from Ian Crook: "My grandad, who died in the mid 1960s, claimed that he and some friends painted when they were youngsters. No idea if just a yarn, or some truth in it. If true I am assuming he was talking about the period just prior to WW1. True or not, it was a good story."

However, Sue Irvine writes: "My Dad, Ron Gill, always told us that he painted it! He was born in 1913 so if true probably painted it just after WW1. He died in 1968."

Sandsfoot Castle, located in picturesque Sandsfoot Gardens at Old Castle Road, was originally built by Henry VIII in 1539 to protect his kingdom from foreign invasion but was later abandoned by the military in 1665.

In January 2021, the castle was fenced off and closed to the public after cracks appeared on its walls, and health and safety concerns were raised.