AN AUTHOR with a passion for history is celebrating the publication of her second novel.

Pamela Mann, of Bere Regis, has returned to 16th century England for the publication of her second historical fiction novel Men Rule.

Men Rule features midwife Margory, who also featured in Pamela’s first book The Birth of Gossip.

In her books Pamela weaves fictional characters with real life historical figures, and in Men Rule, Margory encounters and forms a friendship with Bess of Hardwick.

The novel tells of Margory’s struggles – she hasn’t seen her social climbing husband for four years and her religious duty stood between her and the man who was stealing her heart. Her penurious husband returns, with dreadful demands.

Former Hertfordshire resident Pamela has lived in Dorset for two years and said she was inspired to move to the county after visiting the Bridport Literary Festival for 14 years.

“I think Dorset is just lovely,” she said. “I’m here in this beautiful county in order to write primarily.”

Having taught English in a variety of settings for 25 years, Pamela, who had her first article published aged 15, got into writing books in later life after having her flash fiction - very short stories - published.

“I really love learning,” she said. “I love the research involved. I know a lot of writers love the writing and don’t like the research, but I love it.

“I’m a reader of the British Library and one of my primary sources of research has been the first book written by a midwife in 1671.”

Pamela’s inspiration for her books came from Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, which tells of women persecuted for witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts, during 1692 to 1693, and her own passion for fairness.

“The Witchcraft Act is something I always found interesting. It wasn’t repealed until the early 1950s by Winston Churchill so it wasn’t that long ago. It was a long time for it to be on the statute books.”

She has been doing a lot of research on climate change and thinks her next piece of fiction will be based on the topic. Pamela is also hoping to adapt her novels for the stage in the future. Outside of her writing she has thrown herself into community life in Bere Regis and has joined the local WI.

  • Men Rule and The Birth of Gossip by Pamela Mann are available from Amazon both on Kindle and in paperback.