A CASH machine which has been out of action for several weeks in west Dorset is back up and running.

Residents spoke of their frustration at the lack of a working ATM inside the Co-op store in Beaminster Square.

The machine, operated by Cashzone, was the only one in the town after a major incident in 2018 when thieves hauled another cashpoint from a wall.

The Co-op ATM has been out of order because of a leak in the roof of the shop as the store waited on a scaffolding license from Dorset Council to fix the problem.

Residents complained that the lack of ATM was detrimental to several businesses that only accept cash.

The supermarket chain confirmed last month that permission for the scaffolding was approved and works were recently started.

This week, the roof leak has been fixed and the ATM back up and running since Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the Co-op apologised 'for any inconvenience caused', adding that cashback was available in the store throughout its opening hours.