Stop the Stink! Is the message from residents of Wyke Regis after smells coming from a Sewage Treatment Plant on Walker Crescent have left residents feeling unable to open their windows.

It comes after a power outage in July left the plant operating with a back-up generator, leading many residents to complain about noise and smell coming from the plant.

Firefighters were called to the Water Recyling Cetre on Walker Crescent at 10.00 pm on Saturday, July 8 after reports of smoke.

However, the fire service confirmed it was a false alarm as the alarms had been triggered by the power outage and the smoke was coming from the backup generator.

A month later and residents living close to the plant on Walker Crescent, Langton Avenue, Marlborough Avenue and Broughton Crescent have all complained about foul smells surrounding the area.

Signs saying “Stop the Stink” have been stuck up on Langton Avenue and Walker Crescent.

Dorset Echo: Stop the Stink is the message from Wyke Regis residentsStop the Stink is the message from Wyke Regis residents (Image: Tom Lawrence)

Jodie lives on Walker Crescent with her two children.

She said: “It is disgusting. Last month the noise coming from the sewage plant kept me and my kids up al night, we couldn’t have windows open.

“Both of my kids are on the spectrum as well so that mucks up their routine, it has been horrific.

“This past week, the smell has been constant and it has been vile.

“I have lived here for eight years and it has never been this bad.”

Marilyn, a resident of Walker Crescent, said: “It has been bad for weeks, it has not been great.

“It’s not like it every day or all day or even all day it comes and goes, but it is a nightmare to try and sit in the garden

“It is horrible because when it is this hot you need windows open and we can smell it as soon as you open them.”

Wessex Water denies that there has been any pollution in the area, saying they are operating "as normal" and are using an "odour management plan" to combat the smells.

A spokesperson for Wessex Water said: “Unfortunately our Weymouth water recycling centre has suffered a third-party power outage which means we’re currently using standby generators to maintain customers’ sewerage services.

“The site is operating as normal and complies with all permits, along with an odour management plan which is being followed.

"There has been no interruption to customers’ water or sewerage services.

"Residents will notice an increase in activity on site as we work with the electricity distribution company to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.”