A number of pets in Dorset are looking for their forever homes, including at the Ashley Heath Animal Centre.

Located on the border with Hampshire, the centre offers care for its animals in rural surroundings.

A few animals from the centre are listed below but more can be found on the centre's website.

To help the Ashley Heath Animal Centre carry on their work you can donate to their website here.


Dorset Echo: KerriKerri (Image: RSPCA)

Gender - Female

Age - 10 years old (approx)

Breed - Crossbreed/Unknown

Colour - White/tan/black

If you want to adopt Kerri you can view their full profile here.

Kerri came into the care of the RSPCA after her owner sadly passed away, and she is looking for an adult-only home.

She is reported to be housetrained and once settled into her new home and routine she may be able to be left for a few hours in the day.

Ashley Heath describes her as "friendly and affectionate" once she gets to know you, but she is not very keen on other dogs.

They add: "So long as she has distance between her and other dogs or you are happy to change direction of your walks if she becomes upset, Kerri is no problem to walk."

Angel and Cat Cat

Dorset Echo: Angel and Cat CatAngel and Cat Cat (Image: RSPCA)

Gender - Female (Angel) and Male (Cat Cat)

Age - Five years old (approx)

Breed - Domestic Shorthair crossbreed

Colour - Black

If you want to adopt Angel and Cat Cat you can view their full profile here and here.

Angel and her friend Cat Cat arrived at the RSPCA after they were sadly abandoned by their previous owner and they are now looking for a new home together.

Cat Cat is described as being a "little on the shy side" whilst Angel is a bit more confident.

The pair could live with children aged 10 years and over, and also potentially another cat.

Additionally, they are not to be rehomed within five miles of Bridgewater (TA6).


Dorset Echo: SebastianSebastian (Image: RSPCA)

Gender - Male

Age - Three years old (approx)

Breed - Greyhound

Colour - Brindle

If you want to adopt Sebastian you can view their full profile here.

Sebastian came into the care of the RSPCA after being removed from a property where there were many dogs being kept outside in unsuitable conditions.

He is an ex-racing Greyhound and has shown an interest in small animals and cats so cannot be rehomed with either.

Ashley Heath advises that he is muzzled when on walks, which he is happy to wear, as a precaution to prevent any accidents with cats.

Outside of this, he is described as "friendly and affectionate" and has got on well with other dogs at the centre.

As he has been kept outside previously, he may need some initial housetraining.


Dorset Echo: SmudgeSmudge (Image: RSPCA)

Gender - Female

Age - Eight years old

Breed - Domestic Shorthair crossbreed

Colour - Tabby/White

If you want to adopt Smudge you can view their full profile here.

Smudge arrived at the Ashley Heath centre with a group of others due to a welfare concern and is now looking for a quiet home.

In her previous home, she had little interaction with people and very few visitors, so it would be good for her to have owners who have had experience with nervous cats.

The centre feels that Smudge may get used to another cat given the time to settle, but no dogs.

Additionally, she should not be rehomed within 5 miles of Bournemouth (BH11).