THIS picture shows the Repair Centre in Grange Road, Weymouth, which was near the back of St John's Primary School.

As you can see from this cheeky advert for certain items, it seems as though the shop sold an extensive range of goods and prompted some youngsters to ask their parents some challenging questions when walking past!

One reader remembers: "This is one of my earliest memories, being pushed past in my pushchair and the spanner embedded in the curb stone up the road."

Another recalls: "I remember this place - it never seemed to be open and was always getting its windows smashed. Looking at the photo it looked like this was not long after it had happened again."

Local historian Alvin Hopper tells us that the Repair Centre shop owner was Keith Davis, a television repair man. 

He said: "The shop was originally an above ground air-raid shelter, one of two in Grange Road.

"The other one now serves as a lock-up tool shed, and is
used by Weymouth Town Council's gardens department, that services St. John's Garden."

Mr Davis, who lived on Bayard Road in Littlemoor, Weymouth, ran both the repair shop and store attached to the rear of it, which was a corrugated tin building.

The whole lot was pulled down years ago to make room for
an increased parking area.

Mr Davis was also a bit of an inventor, Mr Hopper says.

"Once he produced an attachment for fishing lines. He called it 'Glowbyte' It was a light,operated by a micro-switch. If a fish was on the end of the line, it lit up.

"It was intended for use in night fishing. The angler could relax and
wait for the light to come on, instead of holding on to his rod."