Film fans can celebrate the WWII Sherman tank and Hollywood movie ‘Fury’ for the final time on Saturday, October 7.

In a specially curated programme, this event at the Tank Museum, is the last chance to explore the mechanical star that played the title role of David Ayer’s ‘Fury’ starring Brad Pitt and explore how difficult compromises had to be made with historical accuracy to create a film for the cinematic audience.

It’s been nearly a decade since The Tank Museum lent their most reliable running Sherman and the world’s only running Tiger to appear in the Hollywood film, which tells the story of an American tank crew in the final weeks of the Second World War.

“In terms of the western allies, The Sherman was a key tank during WWII. It was made in such vast numbers, that it served not only the Americans but the British, Russian and Commonwealth armies in all theatres of war,” says Curator David Willey.

“Visitors to the experience day will be able to find out more about how the museum advised the ‘Fury’ production team and cast and explore the debates that arose from loaning priceless historic artefacts to a Hollywood production.

The October event will feature expert talks, tours, and assessing the chance to look inside the Sherman M4A2E8 ‘Fury’ in the new Tanks for the Memories exhibition.

See props from the film set and the graffiti left by Brad Pitt and the rest of the cast.

Whether you’re a film buff or a tank fan, this ultimate Fury experience is not one to be missed.


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