How about this for a tight squeeze on Portland?!

This vessel, believed to be the Sea Mop, was painstakingly transported through the narrow streets of Fortuneswell back in the 1990s.

And well done to those of you who noticed something particularly unusual about this picture. 

Yes, the vessel was being brought down the one-way system the wrong way by a Portland Plant Hire vehicle! 

It's actually coming down the hill instead of up the hill as the one-way system around Portland dictates. 

As you can see, the vessel's journey was quite an event on the isle and attracted many onlookers, with people taking pictures and people standing aboard the vessel concentrating hard on the route ahead.

The Sea Mop was an oil spill recovery vessel built for Milford Haven Port Authority in 1991 and is still in use 32 years later.

Built up on Tophill, it's thought that one of the bay windows on the left of this picture had to be changed to actually get the Sea Mop through the space. 

The photo has attracted much attention on our Facebook nostalgia group We Grew Up in Weymouth and Portland, with one reader commenting 'Hope that driver got a hefty bonus!'