GETTING married on the hoof isn't the kind of thing most people would advise, but that's exactly what one delighted Dorset resident did.

Mother-of-two Leanne Scoble knew she wanted her special day to be different so she invited along a special guest - one she's known even longer than her husband.

When the big day arrived she sent for none other than 'best friend' Bunty the horse.

Leanne, 40, and husband Jim, 44, were married on September 7, surrounded by their loved ones including her two 'beautiful' sons.

Leanne works at the social club and her husband is an aircraft welder.

Bunty is Leanne’s 16-year-old horse and she said: “I've had her on full loan.

“I was supposed to back her and sell her all that time ago for her owner, but we both fell in love with her and neither of us could part with her.”

“My horse predated [my husband], and I always used to say to my friend, 'oh, when I get married I want my horse there' and didn't even consider it when I booked it.

“So, my very best horsey friend kind of went 'the belle will be at the ball' and just said, 'I'm going to box her up and bring her for you and you can ride her for the wedding'.”

The newlyweds from Broadstone first locked eyes on one another at a social club.

Leanne was also overjoyed at the patience of other road users as she strolled down Poole Quay with Bunty.

She added: “A lot of people nowadays don't know how to pass horses, but through Poole, everyone was amazing.

“Everybody was calm, quiet and patient. They gave us loads of space and everything.”

The pair are spending their honeymoon by heading off to Alton Towers.

Leanne added: “It's where we went when we first got together for our first weekend. So, it's kind of like reliving our youth.

“He gave me an option. I could do whatever I wanted, and this is what I chose to do.”