A new men’s support group is set to launch in Weymouth in a bid to tackle the stigma around mental health.

Andy's Man Club will run its new weekly group at the no alcohol pub Dry Dock on St Thomas Street starting on Monday, September 18.

Andy’s Man Club is a men's suicide prevention charity which offers free-to-attend support groups across the UK and online.

With the slogan 'It’s OK to talk', Andy’s Man Club sessions aim to allow men of all ages a safe space to discuss anything worrying them, relieve the stress off their shoulders or just make a new friend.

Alan Farrell is a lead facilitator of the club.

He said: "I was medically retired so a place to unload about my pain and pain management has helped me to no end.

"We saw a demand for it in Weymouth, and it is an ideal complement to the Dry Dock venue.

"I have found it really good for my mental health, it is a great thing to have in Weymouth."

It is the second group to have launched in the area after the success of its branch on Portland, which meets at the Beehive Cafe on Victoria Square.

Sam Watson, who was one of the facilitators who helped set up Andy's Man Club on Portland, said he was thrilled to launch another talking group at his alcohol-free pub, Dry Dock.

He said: “Andy’s Man Club was set up seven years ago to create a mental health support group for guys anyone over the age of 18.

“Our big message is about suicide prevention. It is the biggest killer of men under the age of 50 and the group’s message is improving mental health and promoting the message that it’s ok to talk.

“It’s about breaking down the stigma about mental health and men not being able to talk about their feelings. I am really fortunate now to have set up the group on Portland and get the group up and running here at the Dry Dock.”

Andy’s Man Club was formed by former Halifax Rugby League player Luke Ambler after his cousin, Andy Roberts, 23, died by suicide in April 2016.

Meetings at Dry Dock are free to attend every Monday from 7pm-9pm. Water and hot refreshments are available to all those who attend.