THIS wintry scene featuring the Gordon Café was taken on the corner of Gloucester Mews, Weymouth in March 1951.

Readers have many memories of the popular cafe, which was much frequented by local residents.

Dorset Echo: Gordon Cafe on the corner of Gloucester Mews, Weymouth Gordon Cafe on the corner of Gloucester Mews, Weymouth

Garry Smith worked in the cafe. He said: "Myself and two of my mates worked in the Gordon Grill for a summer about 1973.

"It was the bit at the back of the picture not on the corner at that time. We were all 14-years-old.

"The owners (Vi and Eric, I think) had a flat on the seafront.

"At about 9.30am they would say that they were just popping out and usually returned about 4 pm, leaving three 14-year-olds to run a cafe on the ground floor, a restaurant on the first floor and the kitchen on the top floor.

"This happened just about every day. How we never killed anybody I don't know.

"We took chicken portions straight out of the freezer and put them in the deep fat fryer until they were brown.

"Beans and peas were in a pot on the hob, heated all day, and were just filled up when getting low.

"The pot was never cleaned that I can remember. In the cafe they had one of the first microwaves that was the size of a house. It was so fierce that if you put a sausage roll in for about 10 minutes, it burst into flames."

Graham Ryan remembers the Gordon Cafe as a 'great little cafe'.

He said: "Me and my late brother-in-law used to go in there after loading the coal wagon for breakfast before going on the delivery. Mrs Greatrix used to run it then."

Another reader remembers always seeing his dad and his dad's work mates in the cafe around 10am.

The building is now part of a fish and chip shop and below is how it looked in the 1980s.

Dorset Echo: The corner in 1988 before it was redeveloped Picture courtesy of Stuart MorrisThe corner in 1988 before it was redeveloped Picture courtesy of Stuart Morris (Image: Stuart Morris)

Many readers have memories of this part of central Weymouth, with Gillian Hillidge remembering walking along Gloucester Mews when she was a child - for the Saturday morning movies at the (then) Odeon.

"Thank you for sharing this! It's a lovely photo of the Weymouth I loved," she said.

Dorset Echo: The corner building of Gloucester Mews todayThe corner building of Gloucester Mews today

Another reader remembers the long queue snaking around into the Mews for the extremely popular cinema.

They said: "It seemed to take forever! There was no pavement from memory. We just hugged the wall. The Gaumont was much better organised."

Dorset Echo: Weymouth's Picturedrome Cinema, which opened as the Odeon Picture: utterlee.comWeymouth's Picturedrome Cinema, which opened as the Odeon Picture:

The Picturedrome Cinema in Gloucester Street shut down after 66 years on October 31, 1999.

The last film shown was Tarzan.

Weymouth's Picturedrome opened in 1933, as an Odeon, and had been converted from a bus garage. The auditorium was refurbished with improvements to the seating and a new Dolby sound system installed.

The auditorium originally seated over 500 people, but later in the cinema’s life the capacity was reduced to 412.

The ticket counter used an ancient Automaticket machine for dispensing the little tiny tickets that are never seen today. Child’s admission tickets were £2.70 and adults £3.50.

Thanks to the fascinating blog Last Days of the Picturedrome by and to the A Century of Cinema in Dorset book shared by Alvin Hopper for this information.