THE hunt for a person who illegally damaged a 180-year-old Dorset tree continues amid anger over the famous Sycamore Gap tree at Hadrian's Wall being felled.

A 16-year-old boy has been arrested after the world famous tree, which appeared in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and was thought to be around 300 years old, was felled overnight.

But closer to home, Dorset Council is still looking for person who illegally damaged a 180-year-old tree in Wool with a chainsaw last month.

Suspected malicious damage to the protected mature oak tree has meant that it needs to be cut down.

The local authority has issued a statement on the felling of the iconic Sycamore Gap tree and said it has made all those who work hard to maintain and care for Dorset's 'really sad'.

A spokesperson for Dorset Council said: "We are feeling really sad for the community of Brampton, and everybody that knows and loves the Sycamore Gap tree at Hadrian's Wall.

"When we learnt the news it reminded us of the recent damage to a beautiful mature oak tree in Wool, Dorset.

"We wanted to take a moment to thank our amazing arboriculture team who work hard to maintain and care for Dorset's veteran and ancient trees

The mature oak, which is located at Lampton Close in Wool, was permanently damaged by what appears to be an electric chainsaw.

There are deep cuts to the trunk and several drill holes too.

It is close to properties, a footpath and the highway and is no longer deemed safe and will have to be cut down.

The tree is estimated to be at least 180-years-old and was protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).

Investigations into the two counts of suspected malicious damage to the protected oak firstly on/or before the 8 August 2023 and again on the evening of the 26 August 2023 are ongoing.

The council is appealing for information about this.

If you have any information about the damage to the mature oak tree in Wool email or call 01929 557344 quoting enforcement reference: EN/2023/00354.