TV viewers and a critic have enthused about Dorset resident Martin Clunes’ documentary on guide dogs, which was shown on ITV last night.

Their verdict is that A Dog Called Laura with Martin Clunes was ‘very emotional’ and ‘informative’.

Anita Singh writing in The Telegraph, described the primetime programme as ‘puppy heaven’ in her four out of five stars review.

She said: “Clunes makes for a reliably wholesome presenter as we learn about how guide dogs are trained and, eventually, rehomed.”

The actor, who lives on a farm near Beaminster, ‘makes so many programmes for ITV’, Anita Singh writes, and is ‘clearly wildly popular with audiences – good for him’.

The appeal of the Doc Martin and Men Behaving Badly star is clear to see, with him having recently co-presented a documentary on Dorset authors such as Thomas Hardy and John Fowles.

In last night's programme Clunes meets Jaina, whose life was transformed by a guide dog after she lost her sight at 17, and followed the process as she was paired with another dog.

It was an ‘emotional moment’ as she said goodbye for her ‘faithful companion’ after 11 years together, Singh writes.

“The programme wasn’t just a cuteness overload. It was informative.”

Viewer Jackie Smith said the show was a ‘great programme and very emotional,’ while Carole Greene described it as ‘wonderful’.

And it seems as though Clunes is universally loved in the west Dorset area with one viewer saying ‘love Martin’ and another, showing their enthusiasm for the programme's basic premise, ‘Martin AND puppies?!”’

  • You can still see A Dog Called Laura with Martin Clunes on the catch-up service ITVX.