'Doctor, doctor, I think I'm a deer...' - passers-by got a shock when they came across this magical sight in the grounds of a hospital in the early hours.

The picture shows a magnificent-looking deer which wandered onto the grounds...presumably after a wild 'stag' night.

This 'stag-gering' picture was taken by Rebecca Brown who snapped it as she passed Victoria Hospital in Wimborne about 3am on Sunday morning.

It was pictured outside the Leslie Adams building, the outpatient department of the hospital off Victoria Road.

Rebecca was being driven home by a friend after a night out in Bournemouth when she spotted what she thought was a horse.

Stopping to get a closer look, she soon realised what she was looking at.

Rebecca said: "We are all joking about how lucky I was to be sober enough to be able to take a photo. 

"I did at first think it was a horse in the road. So we stopped. I have never seen one as big as that with the antlers.

"It just stood there and stared at us for ages. We were scared to move off in case we startled it. Then it ran behind the hospital.

"I was just shocked. I was just trying to get home. When I got back I told my mum 'you wouldn't believe what I just spotted'.

"It is just not what you expect to see, we are all joking about it now."