A Weymouth guest house owner teared up in the week's finale of the Channel 4 show Four in a Bed after receiving feedback on her property.

Maxine Gilroy, owner of the Ocean View Guest House in Weymouth, appeared on the hospitality reality show Four in a Bed.

As previously reported, Ms Gilroy was first to host in the competition with guests saying she’d ‘blown them out the water’ after a visit to the Nothe Fort.

When asked what makes her hotel special, Ms Gilroy said: “Location, location, location with views in every room- sea and harbour views.” The hotel offers nine rooms, priced up to £130 a night including breakfast.

Dorset Echo:

When it came to the finale of the show, the Ocean View Guest House received full marks, receiving their payments in full for the rooms.

The pair of guests from Dartmoor Reach said that Ms Gilroy’s guest house was "really quirky" and showed off "her individuality," whilst the guests from the Crown and Vic Inn said that they had ‘a lovely stay.’

Upon hearing the good words and feedback from the guests Ms Gilroy welled up to tears. She said: “It’s better than I expected and rocked my little world.”

The Weymouth guest house finished in second place after the Crown and Vic Inn.

In a dramatic twist, owners of the George Inn asked Ms Gilroy if her voting was tactical, as she had underpaid in every stay.

Ms Gilroy said that it was not ‘game playing’ and said: “If we all paid the prices asked it wouldn’t be a competition,” which the rest of the owners agreed.

Speaking to the Echo before her appearance was aired, Ms Gilroy admitted she found her experience a “stressful” one.

She said: “It was really stressful. At the time, I had only had the hotel open for around six months and I was very much learning the trade

Talking through her appearance in more detail, Ms Glover said: "Obviously as part of the show you have to rate other businesses, that was very stressful because I don't want to put anyone else down and I don't want to ruin someone else's business.”

All the episodes are currently available to watch on Channel 4’s streaming service All 4.