THIEVES stole garden and power tools in two break-ins.

Police have issued a warning to keep outbuildings secure following the thefts.

A spokesperson for Purbeck Police said: "Between October 28 and 29 two burglaries occurred on Ulwell Road, Swanage.

"One of the burglaries resulted in a strimmer being taken from a garden shed and the other resulted in power tools being taken from an unlocked garage.

"We urge people to ensure sheds, garages, outbuildings etc are locked when not in use and that any valuable items such as tools are property marked with a UV pen or in some other way that makes them uniquely identifiable, etching your name or house number and postcode in to them for example whilst making a note of the make, model and serial number of each item.

"Please ensure any break-ins of sheds, garages etc are reported to police."